Friday, November 7, 2008

I'm Cooking A Turkey

It's in the oven right now. My second one ever!! The first one was years ago..we ended up eating chicken strips and french fries that year.

Last year's Thanksgiving wasn't so great. We spent it planning my dad's funeral. My mom wants to give up on it all together this year but I think that, at least for the sake of my kids, we need to do something. It may be a sad time but we do have a lot to be thankful for!

I was planning on ordering a dinner from Safeway, but I thought how hard could it be to make a turkey myself? So, I'm doing a test run to see if I've got it in me to make a turkey. If it turns out good, I'll make my own for Thanksgiving and if it turns out bad, I'll have time to order one!


Brownies Vintage said...

Good luck this year! Its important for kids to have traditions like that.

The Empty Envelope said...

:( Yeah...hang in there. My mom passed near Mother's Day and, even when I started having my kids, it was so hard and I didn't want to celebrate. But people said 'but now YOU'RE a mom!' and it's been so precious now that I worked at not being so down. I still get worked up round that time of year, but there is lots of good to it.