Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Making Man Soap

I made some man soap last night. My son wanted some soap that doesn't smell like girls. So, I got some fragrance oil that smells like Polo Blue.

First, I mixed up the lye and water and let it cool a bit. Then I melted the oils and butters.

Next, I dumped the melted oils and butter into a stainless steel bowl. Then I slowly added the lye water. Then I blend it all up.

It's ready to go!

I took some of the soap batter out and mixed blue color into it and then dumped it back into the bowl and swirled it a bit. then I dumped it all into the mold.

24 hours later...
I unmolded it, cut it and will let it cure for at least 4 weeks. It looks a little purple in the pictures, but it is blue.

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kim* said...

It is beautiful! I can smell it now.