Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I don't know how my dad's name got matched up with my phone number. We bought our house and got our phone number a few months after my dad died, so he's never lived here, his name has never been connected to our house or our phone number. But somehow, telemarketers are calling my number and asking for my dad. Most of the time I just tell them that he is dead and they say sorry and that is the end of it.

However, there is one company that won't quit calling here for him. It's DIRECTV! Even more annoying is the fact that I have DIRECTV and it's in my name and my account has this phone number on it. They call and ask for my dad. I ask them what they are calling about and they go into their sales pitch. I tell them that I already have DIRECTTV at this house and I tell them that he is dead. An hour later, they call back and I tell them that he is still dead. They say they'll take him off the list. Then they call again and again. After a few days, they stop calling.

A month or two goes by and they start calling again. The last time it happened, I didn't answer the phone the first few times but after 6 calls in 3 hours, I answer the phone. They ask for my dad. I tell the lady that he is dead, we already have DIRECTV and that I have been told many times that he would be taken off their list. She hangs up on me. Five minutes later the same number calls again. It's a guy this time. He asks for my dad. I tell him that he died over a year ago. He hangs up on me. They call again 10 minutes later and I give them the number where my dad is at. Ten minutes later they call back again and say I gave them the wrong number ~ the number I gave them was to a cemetery. I tell them that is the right number, that is where he is at. Like I've been telling them for the past year, the man is DEAD! They hung up on me again.

They haven't called back since.

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Amy Chace said...

You are awesome! very badass!!