Thursday, February 26, 2009


I love candles. I've always got a candle or tart burner going. I've gotten back into making them now too. My mom has been looking for something to do ~ she is bored out of her mind since she retired. I tried to get her to help me make soap, but it wasn't for her. She decided she wanted to help me make candles. So, I've been teaching her how to make them the past couple of weeks. So far, she's done a good job. Tomorrow I'm going to show her how to add color and make layered candles. Once we get them made and tested, I'll start listing them.
50 Available Scents:

Almond Cake ~ Amaretto ~ Apricot ~ Banana Nut Bread ~ Black Cherry ~ Black Raspberry Vanilla ~ Blueberry Muffin ~ Bubble Gum ~ Butt Naked in Bed ~ Butter Pecan Pie ~ Caramel Toffee ~ Carrot Cake ~ Cherry Pie ~ Chocolate Mint ~ Cinnamon Bun ~ Coconut Vanilla ~ Cucumber Melon ~ Endless Love (VS Type) ~ Espresso ~ Eucalyptus ~ Fresh Baked Bread ~ Fresh Comfort ~ Fresh Linen ~ Hot Apple Pie ~ Jack Frost (Type) ~ Lavender ~ Lemongrass Sage ~ Lovespell (VS Type) ~ Magnolia ~ Milk & Honey ~ Oatmeal Raisin Cookie ~ Passionfruit ~ Peach ~ Peanut Butter ~ Pear Glace ~ Pineapple Coconut ~ Pomegranate ~ Pumpkin Pie ~ Red Currant ~ Red Velvet Cake ~ Rootbeer ~ Strawberry Cheesecake ~ Strawberry Shortcake ~ Tropical Fruit Salsa ~ Vanilla Bean ~ Vanilla Hazelnut ~ Warm Vanilla Sugar ~ Watermelon ~ Wedding Cake ~ White Tea & Ginger

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