Monday, February 16, 2009

My Fish

It's been a year since I switched my big tank from fresh water to salt water. I can spend hours looking at my tank. Every fish has its own personality and habits. There are always new things coming out of the rocks like starfish and snails. My corals and mushrooms spread and end up in new places. Here a few of my favorites from my tank!

This is my Pink Spotted Goby. He lives in a cave under these rocks with a Pistol Shrimp. He spends the day perched outside the entrance to his cave. Every once in a while he darts out and picks up a shell or a rock to take inside his cave.This is my favorite hermit crab. It's an Electric Blue Hermit Crab. This is my Harbour Goby. He stays in the back of the tank under the rocks that the starfish like to stay under. He rarely comes out except to eat.
This is the Bi-Color Blenny. Most of the time he just kicks it in a hole in the rocks with his head sticking out. It's cool to watch him move from hole to hole. He swims pretty fast and backs into the hole.
These are my Clown Fish. The stick to the group of rocks in the middle of the tank. One of them sleeps on his side. The first time I saw it, I thought it was dead.

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