Sunday, February 15, 2009

Ready for Spring!

I am so ready for Spring! I love the warmer weather. I am so sick of having to brave the bitter cold just to take my kids to school in the morning. Okay, it's not the bitter cold when it's 40 degrees outside, but it seems like it. I can't wait to drive my car around with the top down without having to turn on the heated seats and the heater, or having the boys beg for me to put the top back up because they're cold!

I can't wait for my grass to come back. It's so brown and ugly right now. I want to plant some flowers and work on the backyard a bit. I might even plant a little garden. My trees will get leaves again too! Right now it looks like I got some dead branches and stuck them in the ground out back.

My favorite part about Spring is Spring Break. It always falls around my birthday! We'll probably do the same thing we always do, kick it in San Diego for a week. The kids love San Diego. They love the beach and Sea World. It's close enough for me to drive to and I know my way around. It's always fun and relaxing. We found a beach where whole sand dollars wash up (not just broken pieces) and the kids will stay out there and collect them for hours. One time a surfer dude gave my son this huge clam ~ it was like 8 inches across. I didn't realize he kept it and by the time we got home to Arizona in 110 degree heat, it stunk!!

I've been ordering new molds for Spring. I really need to stay away from EBay:-)


Expressions By Devin said...

I am ready for spring too.You spring soaps are so have a wonderful blog and etsy shop.

Sirah said...

I love the Hatching egg chick! I have an old forum avatar that has chicks all huddled up together and they are in a variety of colors! At the bottom it says 'I like odd chicks!' lol!

You could dye the chicks an odd color and have it hatch from a dyed Easter egg! That would be imaginative, snicker.

windycindy said...

Fabulous giveaway drawing! I love her products. I adore the Cold Process Soaps in ~ Shea Mango:Love
Spell type Scent, Polo Blue type
Scent and Creme de Cassis Soap!
Please enter my name in your drawing. Many thanks, Cindi