Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Favorite Soap on Etsy!!

I love getting packages in the mail and today I hit the jackpot! I got my soaps from Bare Bumm Bathworks!! Not only does this lady make the best soap I've found on Etsy (besides my own), she is the sweetest seller too! Her soaps always smell wonderful and they create tons of fluffy lather (I love lots of lather!) and leave my skin feeling so clean and soft. They also last a long time ~ I hate when I buy soaps and they melt away in a matter of weeks. The scents last and last too! I've bought other soaps only to have the scent disappear after sitting in my shower for two weeks, but I've had one of her soaps in my shower since Christmas and it still smells as good as it did when I got it. Even my mom, who doesn't appreciate handmade soaps like she should, absolutely loves her soaps. She's always commenting about how soft her skin is and how she doesn't even have to use lotion anymore since she started using them.

Here are the three I got today:
The one one the left is I Want Candy. It smells just like a sucker! My boys loved it and took it upstairs to put in their bathroom.

The soap in the middle is All Juiced Up. It does smell like Juicy Coture and it smells wonderful!! I love the color of this soap, it pops!

The soap on the right, the Breath of Fresh Air, is my favorite. It's minty (I'm a sucker for anything minty) and fruity and very fresh.

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