Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Dead Cat and My Son's Lunch

I was half asleep this morning and my mom comes in my room to tell me that my cat died under her bed. She said my cat had gone under there a few hours before (she never goes in my mom's room, so that was weird) and she hadn't moved at all. My mom said she touched her and the cat didn't move and felt stiff. My mom went back downstairs to get the cat out from under the bed. I came downstairs a few minutes later (I was almost in tears too!) and it turns out the cat was just sleeping:-)

My son has an Easter party at school. They're going to the park to eat lunch and have an Easter egg hunt. He was so worried I wasn't going to pack him a lunch for it so he made it himself. I found it hidden under his bed. Now I know why he hid it from me.
It's all junk!! He packed a CapriSun, some Mac & Cheese crackers, a pack of donettes, a pack a skittles, some frosted animal crackers, a package of gushers and 2 Tootsie Rolls. He's probably going to be a little disappointed when he opens up his lunch at the park and finds a sandwich, carrot sticks, apple dippers and juice!

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www.the-fuzzybunny.com said...

Haha! Your son's lunch plans are awesome. He'd have supreme bartering power with that loot!