Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Six More Weeks

Only six more weeks of peace and quiet left...then the boys get out of school for the summer! My oldest thinks he is going to hang out with friends and play XBox all summer. He decided he didn't want to play baseball this year but my youngest wanted to. Now that he's not in T-Ball, I hope he can hit the ball!

I'm signing the youngest one up for swimming lessons and the oldest one wants to be in swim team. After baseball is over, the youngest is going to take karate. They both want to take some classes with College for Kids this summer.

My sister likes to plan camping trips at the beginning and the end of the summer. I really don't like going anymore. I'm really scared of bears. Or cows. Or bears and cows. Don't ask..... I might skip out on that this year.

We'll probably end up going to San Diego sometime this summer. The boys are dying to go to LegoLand.

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