Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Have The Worst Luck

I have the worst luck when it comes to lights for my aquarium. I've gone through 2 different light fixtures in the past year and then over the weekend, the lights went out again. So, I finally decided to upgrade to metal halides ~ that way I can start getting hard corals. So, I shelled out the big bucks and ordered a new light fixture on Monday. I got it yesterday. Only half of it works. For $1200+ you would think that it would work! I figured out that I got a bad ballast. I called the number on the sheet that was inside the light fixture. The one that says "Please do not return this product to place of purchase". They gave me another number to call. I called that number and got yet another number to call. I called that number and they were going to give me another number to call but it was already one I had called. I finally got someone who could help me. They are going to send me a replacement ballast. I hope it doesn't take too long to get here. My aquarium looks kind of funny with one bright side and one dark side.

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