Friday, April 17, 2009

My Latest Etsy Purchase

My family only uses soap I make or soap that I buy on Etsy. I have tried a few different soaps from different sellers and the one I keep going back to is Bare Bumm Bathworks. Not only is she the sweetest lady ever, her soaps have all be wonderful ~ and right now she has free shipping too! I got nine soaps today and my sister ran off with all but three. The three I managed to keep for myself are (from front to back) Kumquat and Black Raspberry Vanilla, Pinky Sweet and Disco Queen. Kumquat and Black Raspberry Vanilla ~ smells amazing. I love kumquat scent and adding the black raspberry vanilla to it makes it smell even better.

Pinky Sweet ~ is a blend of cherry, strawberry and banana. The first thing you smells is cherry. The strawberry and banana are not as strong but when you're using the soap those scents come out and my kids love it!
Disco Queen ~ I'm not crazy about patchouli scents (thanks to those Haloween scratch-and-sniff stickers I used to get when I was little) but this one is great. It's a really soft scent. This would be a great soap for a guy too. I love the sparkly color as well.

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Alchemy Diva said...

these look lovely. It's great to hear someone express their love of handmade soap. Once you go natural you never go back...LOLOL