Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Took My First Jelly Bath

I had this Jelly Bath that I bought a while ago and after a long day of babysitting the little monsters, I decided tonight was the night to use it. I filled the tub half full with hot water and sprinkled some in. I waited a few minutes then stirred it up with my hand and then slipped in. It smelled good, I got Herbal Mint, but it felt like I was soaking in a tub of snot! It had the consistency of snot. There was snot all over me! I started grossing out at the thought of snot, so I stood up and snot was clinging to every part of my body. It was seriously the grossest thing I had ever used. I added the dissolution (stuff that dissolves it so you can drain the tub) and hopped into the shower to wash the bath snot off of me. That was the biggest waste of $24 ever. I'll stick to bath salts from not on.

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