Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My First Giveaway!

And the winner is ........Jo Whitehurst!!

For my very first giveaway, I picked soap from my favorite soap shop on Etsy, Bare Bumm Bath. So far, I've bought 45 of her soaps. I give them away as gifts, my poor little college student sister snags them for her and her friends and my kids take them. Everyone who has tried them loves them! I love the way they lather (I love lots of bubbles!) and they leave my skin feeling so soft, I rarely need to use lotion. Once you try these soaps, you'll be hooked!

To enter, visit Bare Bumm Bath and then come back here and post a comment by June 5th with the three soaps you would like to try. On June 6th, I will put all the comments in a bowl and have my son pick the winner. I will then post the winner and I'll need an address and have 3 wonderful soaps sent to you!

Here are just a few of the available soaps from Bare Bumm Bath!
Acai & Mangosteen: Diamonds in the Sea:
Purple Passion Fruit & Guava:White Tea & Ginger:
Green Apple Soap:


CinderLisa said...

Oooh, these look fantastic! Almost impossible to choose just three I'd be interested in trying! I think I'd go with these, though:

- Grapefruit and Bergamot- Mango Papaya- Lime Coconut VerbenaRunners up - the Honey Washed Toffee and the Bamboo Pear. They all look amazing, though!

Anonymous said...

they look so soft and pretty!! pick would be hard to pick 33..
but here's my top 3:
and I'm not kidding if I say that I was drooling, while browsing the shop:D (just picture Homer Simpson looking at food he can't reach)
ps. great shop name too:)

Christy said...

Oh boy, what fun! Here are my three:

all juiced up
acai & mangosteen
amber romance type

*crossing fingers* ;)

Jo Whitehurst said...

Caribbean Beach, Aqua Spa, and Acai & Mangosteen would probably be my first picks! Can you tell that I need a vacation...and a Caribbean cruise is calling my name!

Jen said...

Yummy shop! Here are the 3 I would love to try:
1. Pineapple Rush
2. Chocolate Coconut Yummies
3. Southern Gardenia

Thanks for the chance!!!

Katy said...

I'd love to try:
White Tea and Ginger
Amazon Tigerlily
Jasmine Neroli

That was a difficult decision!

Salad for Breakfast said...

i can only pick 3??? the rudeness! lol. my 3 fave are:

1)Berry and Honey Almond
2)Sweet Lover's Crack
3)Georgia Peach and Honey Almond

thanks for this great giveaway! :)

robin_titan said...

Gosh those soaps are so cute and like nothing I've ever seen before!!!

I'd want to try:
Diamonds in the sea
blue bubblegum snow
mago papaya

they actually look yummy too hehehe

throuthehaze said...

It was hard to narrow it down but i picked these:
Diamonds In The Sea
Disco Queen
lime coconut verbena

marandawilliams said...

Wow - this is hard to just pick 3! Her soaps are amazing! How does she do that??!! My picks are: Sweet Lover's Crack, Diamonds in the Sea, and First Love. Whea - that was hard!

WowBaby said...

OK my picks would be Eskimo Kisses, Carribean Beach, and Straight From the Dryer... yep... that about hits all my personallities :)!

wowbaby on etsy

Anonymous said...

These all look yummy but if I have to pick 3, I'd want to try:

Pic-a-Nic in the Shower
Caribbean Beach
Make Mine Tropical

Thanks for the chance! :)

HeatherScent said...

They all look so nice! And I love discovering new soap shops.
I would love to try:
Acai & Mangosteen
Sweet Lover's Crack (love the name!)
Rain Kissed Leaves

Dazzled Beader Designs said...

I love anything that has to do with chocolate. I think I might have a hard time not trying to eat this :)


P.S. If anyone wants to enter two win free jewelry, you're certainly welcome to :)

Flight Fancy said...

How lovely! and she has Blooming Lilac....I love lilac. I must say the Oak moss sandalwood and Amber romance caught my eye too!

Carapace said...

Three? You're crazy generous!I am itching to try these:

Fresh from the Dryer
Rain kissed leaves
Honey I Mowed the Lawn

If I could only get more of those smells! Why can't deoderant come in Fresh Grass?

Pheobie said...

It was so hard to decided. My sister has told me how wonderful her soaps are...

Aqua Spa
Amazon Tigerlily
Southern Gardenia

Bonnie said...

Wow - amazing sounding soaps. I'm in heaven over the scents just by reading the names! I'd LOVE to try the Chocolate Coconut Yummies, the Blooming Lilac and either the Honey Almond or White Tea & Ginger. I'm torn on that one. Amazing!!!!

Chris said...

MMMMMM...very hard decision!! But I will have to go with Acai & Mangosteen, Purple Passion Fruit & Guava and definitely the Green Apple!!!

Newfangled said...

Ok... it was almost impossible to choose just three that I'd like to try. I think I've finally narrowed it down to these three:

Grapefruit and Bergamot
First Love
White Tea And Ginger

libu said...
this is the first giveaway I have participated in ( I am having one too) :0)